Friends as a gift

Understanding the nature of a friend in another perspective, of course subjectivity of personal experience. if there is justification or other views of friends, please add / correction text of this article. there who have read this article just translate the writing on the column of friends . so this article just to share for you.

As a gift, there is a nice wrapper and some bad packaging. A nice wrapper has beautiful face, or an attractive personality. Which have a face ugly wrapper ordinary, or normal personality. Or vice versa annoying and they bring to us. indeed a human trait.

As a gift, there is good content and there is bad contents. What good it had a soul so beautiful that we are fascinated when sharing feelings with him. Or when we stand to spend long hours, telling stories and entertaining each other, cried together and laughed together. We appreciate him and he appreciated us.

The contents of which have poor wounded souls. Once in the wounds so that her soul can no longer love, precisely because he/she does not feel the love in his/her life. Unfortunately we often catch him precisely the attitude of rejection, resentment, hatred, envy, pride, anger, and others.

We do not like the kind souls of this and try to avoid them. We do not know that it is not because they are basically bad. But the soul's inability to give love because he just needs our love. He requires our empathy, patience and courage us to listen to the deepest wounds of his soul.

How can we expect someone who hurt his knee running with us? How can we ask someone who is afraid of water to swim together? The wound on his knee and the fear of water to be healed, not berate them because they do not want to run or swim with us.

They're not going to say that the "knee" of their injuries or their "fear of water", they will say that they do not like running or they'll say swimming was boring and others. That's how they defend themselves.

They'll say "Dancing is not interesting" and would not say "I can not dance".
They'll say "No matches with me" and would not say "I need you with me".
They'll say "My friends have passed all" and would not say "I'm lonely".
They'll say "I was bad, who would stand with me" and would not say "I need to be accepted".
They will say "The story of my life boring" and would not say "I want to be heard".

They were all present for us, whether good or bad packaging, whether it good or bad. And do not be fooled by the packaging. Only when we meet the soul-with-soul, we know the real gift from God prepared for us.

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  1. moey says:

    That's right, friends can help me in sadness,

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