Says a proverb, it takes seventeen muscles to smile and forty-three to Frown.
is lost if someone does not like or hard to smile. First remember his strength and the resulting positive effects; friendly impression, intimate, happy, relieved, and changing negative energy into positive. And second, a smile is charity lightly. Free, no need to pay and easier and lighter than the sullen or surly.

Even a thin smile, which seemed sincere, like a smile on Antonio Maria Lisa Gherardini - we know Mona Lisa - Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519), still imply happiness. A team of researchers from the University of Amsterdam have measured the Mona Lisa's smile and get surprising results. Results from the analysis of emotion recognition software they developed to Leonardo's Mona Lisa painted in 1503 that stated that the smile of Francesco del Gioconda wife implies 83% feeling happy, 9% disgusted, 6% anxiety, and 2% angry. Even supposedly our impression of the Mona Lisa's smile will always differ as much as we view it. Hence a scientific study of the smile that smile of Leonardo's painting "more divine than human."

Imagine. The smile of a thin painting still implies so much happiness. So much mystery. What if the smile was genuine, sincere, and genuine smile, not a scratch painting invented?

A smile that seems as simple things that in fact is an indicator of the Big Shot. Besides very difficult to achieve, this one's smile is not "done", but "found." And he could not get in a short time immediately, but the achievement of a long process before. This is a smile "results".

There's an old saying, whoever said it first: if you cry when born and the people smiling, happy, then make the people cry when you die while you own smile. A maxim in all its meaning.

So obvious that there is a tremendous smile. May not have physical meaning smile, but also significant (a joy). The smile that is a representation of the life of someone who has lived all his life. When he could close his life with a charming smile, then it is the signs of a good end full of joy for the gift of God-given. the gold of life has been lived and will be lived one day in the life of the second; the eternal.

Frankly, we all expect it, right?

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    Just smile in anywhere as friendship and kindness

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