Inspiration from the daily routines that involve the accuracy of the decision to write a few tips that if little-a lot of help to remind the concerned personnel. especially for routine or urgent situation faced with a situation that requires us to make decisions. Decision making can not be done carelessly, because our decision today will affect our lives in the future.

Deciding what is important is not an easy thing. Moreover, if the decision is a decision that determines the motion of the company's business. You need a long time to take the best decision. Quite often you hit "dizziness headache" because when I was thinking, you're forced to make decisions quickly.

To you who are thinking of taking a decision, try deh following quick tips:

1. Do not be afraid to make decisions. Some people are afraid of making decisions. Consequently it is not we who make decisions but keadaanlah that gives us a decision.

2. Do not make decisions emotionally, but please use consideration. Thus we are able to think rationally and calculate plus minus of every decision that we wish to take.

3. To produce quick decisions, you should not delay because the decision could not only through the process of a single night. Keep an eye on any developments that might change your decision at any time.

4. Use a sharp analysis in data processing that has been painstakingly you collect. Take the wisest decision and have the smallest risk. You also still need to supervise the implementation of those decisions one after another.

5. Make sure you know the last limit (deadline), when decisions had to be determined. After that set deadlines for yourself, when you have a decision has been made. Record the date you set as the limit deadline.

6. Please specify clearly the criteria or qualifications that you have to take decisions. For example the decision must be profitable and the company's employees or the decision is not burdensome for all concerned.

7. Gather information and important data that affects the decision. Because who knows the information is required for materials argumentation. Do not forget to set a time limit information gathering.

8. Make your decision from several alternative data and information already collected. Learn and consider the value or weight of each of these alternatives, which are the most fitting and appropriate.

9. Do not even apply subjective in making decisions. This means do not choose your favorable decision or a group of people alone.

10. When you have studied and carefully consider alternatives such decision, do not hesitate to determine the best decision from which there are several alternative decisions. Remember, hesitation will only make decisions that you take "raw" return.

11. Announce decisions you make in a timely manner and have been determined. In announcing this decision make sure that your data is supported by a strong, accurate and relevant. If you need time disclose, say that this decision was made on the consideration and mature and rational thinking.

12. Do not be afraid to expose your arguments, if any party who objected. Do not complain or protest from the recipient makes you think the decision to change the decision you've made.

13. In making decisions, you choose from several alternatives, rather than choose which one or which one is correct. So, there is no right or wrong decision. But the decisions could be result does not match what we expect. So, you do not have to regret that decision has been taken. What else is fixated on a protracted regret when the decision you took was not producing the results we expect.

14. After taking a decision, whatever the outcome, you must monitor and hold, and focus your efforts to make the best of what was decided. You can also make various adjustments so the results can be directed to the achievement of those objectives together.

15. In a quick decision, as far as possible involve the people associated with the decision taken. By involving them, you can get valuable feedback, in addition, you can invite their commitment to support the decisions that have been taken. All you can do, among others, are asking their opinions and suggestions. This information could be a reference to a decision.

Now, if the decision was unanimous, lest you pollute the consequences of the decision-making decisions that have been set together. Good decision!

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