Eagle is a type of poultry that have the longest life of the world. Can reach 70 years old. But to achieve the age long as it is an eagle must make a decision that is very heavy at that age to 40.

When 40-year-old eagle, paws getting old, long and curved beak into until it almost touched his chest. The wings are so heavy because of his fur has grown dense and thick, so it is very difficult time flying. At that time, eagles have only two choices: Waiting for death, or experiencing a very painful process of transformation - a transformation process over 150 days long.
To perform the transformation, the eagle must strive to fly above the mountain peaks to the edge of the abyss and then make a nest, stopped and stayed there during the transformation process underway.

First of all, the eagle must breaking beak on the rock until the part is separated from his mouth, then grows quiet for a while waiting for a new beak. With the new beak to grow it, he had to pull out one by one his claws and when the new claw has grown, he will pluck his body one by one. A long and painful process. Five months later, the eagle feathers that had grow new. Start eagle can fly again. With the new beak and claws, the hawk began to undergo 30 years of her new life with full of energy?

In this our life, sometimes we also need to make a tough decision to initiate any process of renewal. We must be brave and willing to throw away all the old habit of binding, although old habits it is something fun.

We must be willing to leave the old behavior so that we can start flying again reaching for a better purpose in the future. Only when we are willing to let go of old baggage, open to learning new things, we've just had an opportunity to develop our latent abilities, hone new skills and face the future with confidence.

The biggest obstacle to change lies within yourself and you are the ruler over yourself. Do not let the past dulled our spirits up and wither.

You are the hawk-eagle.

Change must happen. Thus, we must change for the better from now!

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    Mas-Raden says:

    very usefull spirit, i like it. . .very nice

    hi from mas raden

    Priyess says:

    Fight like tiger, win like champions.

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